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Friday, 15 February 2019

Government of South Sudan asks public servants to fund peace

The Government of South Sudan ask the public to help fund the peace. 

Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth.

The minister of information and media broadcast Mr, Michael Makuei Lueth says the government has asked the public servants to give out a one-day of their salary as a contribution to help fund the peace agreement.
This, according to Makuei, is part of the civil servants’ to the implementation of the revitalized peace deal.

All the civil servant should donate one-day salary per month for four months, said Michael Makuei.
“It starts from the president downward and this is the donation from us the people of South Sudan. Public servants is inclusive of the constitutional post holders,” he said.
The exercise will start from this February and will continue for the next four months.
However, civil servants have been complaining of salary delay.
The call for donation is also extended to private sectors.  
“We have appealed to the business community, to the private sector to donate also.”
 Makuei added that the amount will mostly be used for the security sector.

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